01. Tax procedures

We advise our clients on:

  • Value checks procedures.
  • Tax audits.
  • Tax collection procedures
  • Infringement procedures.
  • Reports in case of Tax offense.
  • Forensic

02. Direct and Indirect Tax

Tax planning.

Mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructurings and winding up.

Family Businesses. In order to protect and ensure the continuity of the business fabric, has established a series of mechanisms which seek tax neutrality in the transfer within families of productive businesses

VAT and Stamp Tax.

03. Excise

Excise duties on:

Beer, Wine and Fermented Beverages

Alcohol and Alcoholic Beverages, Energy and Mineral Oils

We advise our clients on:

Tax returns, Stock accounting, Circulation of products, both within Spain and throughout the European Union, Registration and cancellation of registration of commercial establishments.

04. Aduanas

We advise our clients on customs origin, value and tariff.

AEO consultancy. Assistance in customs audits